redheadwonder12 (redheadwonder12) wrote in ruby_icons,

125 Icons and 3 "color" bars

contents: shirts, stock, Clerks, Clerks 2, Dogma, Everwood, Girl's Next Door, Models, Yoshi, Sword of Truth


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Tags: book: sword of truth, character: yoshi, models, movie: clerks, movie: clerks 2, movie: dogma, shirts, stock, tv: everwood, tv: girl's next door
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I love the colors in a lot of your icons. And I <3 the Sword of Truth color bar. I might have to come back for Dogma #52.

Friended. :)
snagging #43, #48 and #50. those are super! will credit.
beautiful work. took 116 and credited.
i like the coffee ones in random!
I love your icons. Snagging afew of The everwood icons. Will credit when used. :0)
I might take some, I haven't decided yet which ones though... no matter what I will definately credit.

Mostly I just wanted to make sure you knew how awesome all of these are.
Love the Dogma and Clerks! Snagging #40, will crdit when used.
Those are good! I'm taking 117, 118 & 119, will credit! I love 120 & 123 too!
First of all, you know that I love that you made more Sword of Truth icons, right? And a color bar! Which will shortly be in my user info with all proper credit of course.

Also taking: 28, 43, 48, 53, 54, 55, 84, 88, 109, and 118
Took all SOT icons and the SOT banner; will credit when used. Awesome work; thanks for sharing! :)
you're killing me! all of these are so awesome that i got entirely lost in which ones to pick #__# for now i settled on no. 28. will credit! might be back soon! =)
The Dogma ones are great!I took number 52 and the first colour bar!
59,61,62 (who is that with chris in 62?) thanks!
colin from season 1 and 2 of everwood ;)
taking 11 & 39
will credit when used
took #34 and credited.
Okay, so I was pointed to this post by diea 'cause of the SoT icons. Mucho coolness there. I ran off with the animated version of the Wizard's Rules. Very tempted to grab the 'is love' banner as well...but I'm resisting. :D
Took the dogma colorbar.

+ memories @ _colorbarlove_
Taking Buddy Christ. Awesome Job! (will credit.)
Am taking a few, especially of the 'Everwood' ones. 'Everwood' forever, yes yes.

Will credit when used. Thanks much!
Your icons=Love
hey I took one of your dogma cb. You Rock!
stock-14,15,17. these are really great
ganking the oink from the clerks, thank you!
I took #'s 9, 12, 31, 39, 43, 47 & 52. Will credit when used. Thank you!
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