redheadwonder12 (redheadwonder12) wrote in ruby_icons,

125 Icons and 3 "color" bars

contents: shirts, stock, Clerks, Clerks 2, Dogma, Everwood, Girl's Next Door, Models, Yoshi, Sword of Truth


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Tags: book: sword of truth, character: yoshi, models, movie: clerks, movie: clerks 2, movie: dogma, shirts, stock, tv: everwood, tv: girl's next door
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Definitely taking some!
love them all. very nice job.
15, 16 and 18-30. thankss
took #4 & 17. =}
you indeed are a great icon maker! snagging some kevin smith movie related icons :-)
will credit!
thank you!
Snagged some of the K. Smith icons... I love your work! :)

Deleted comment

go for it! :)
taking #16 :)
Took 91, will credit!
all The Girl's Next Door thanks
taking the 15 bucks one. will credit. Thanks and good work!
Took a bunch. Very, very cool and well done. :D :D Will credit with honors.
I snagged a whole bunch of Kevin Smith ones... not sure which I'll end up using, but I'll credit you.
Livejournal wont let me upload #52 (Dogma sex joke) it says it's bigger than 100 x 100 (it doesn't look bigger?)

AMAZING icons though, I snagged others.
I love the dice icon! Thanks!
Snagged most of the Kevin Smith ones, and will credit when I use.
snagged 40, nice job
I'm taking 121 & 123, I will credit!
Swiped w/ credit three Clerks2 and one Dogma! These were awesome! :D

Selig sei und Liebe,
Snagging the rich yoshi icon, awesome work! <3

These are wonderful ^_^. I think I'm might use a couple of the Dogma ones, will credit ^_^
Snagging Dogma icons, will credit. :)
Picked up 23, supercute, thankyou :) will credit!
take some, thanks
48, 50 and dogma color bar are love! ;D will credit
snaggd #69! thanks!
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