redheadwonder12 (redheadwonder12) wrote in ruby_icons,

125 Icons and 3 "color" bars

contents: shirts, stock, Clerks, Clerks 2, Dogma, Everwood, Girl's Next Door, Models, Yoshi, Sword of Truth


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Tags: book: sword of truth, character: yoshi, models, movie: clerks, movie: clerks 2, movie: dogma, shirts, stock, tv: everwood, tv: girl's next door
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snagged all the wizard rules ones - they are SO groovy! Thanks!
Will credit if used!
which book is 114 from?
LOVE LOVE LOVE! I actually found you, because I've been searching like mad for some acceptable SOT Icons ;) Thank's to you, I found some!!!

They're awesome! And, I might snag the colorbar sooner or later :D

So, *hugs* thank you :)
Snagging #51, will credit when used.
Taking #3 of the shirts and "I'm rich bitch!" XDDD


June 11 2007, 14:02:27 UTC 9 years ago

Stealing a couple of the dogma ones. Will credit! Thanks!
I love the Wizard's Nine rules icon! Took that one, will credit.
I'm lovin #48, thanks!
taking #28, yum!
oh yay! I snagged a few different Kevin Smith Icons, and will credit. Thanks so much, they are all adorable.
I'm taking 64 and 30!great job!!x3keep it up!!
18, and 29. THANKS!
I'm seriously in love with your icons! Snagged so many...
I love your icons. Brillant work. I'm snagging the first Dogma colorbar! ^-^
Those are awesome! Took number 31. Thanks!
thanks, I took a handful of the dogma icons :)
102. Thanks.
Snagged 39 and 99 =) the yoshi ones are great!
the stock ones are amazing!!!! really very beautiful. i took a couple of them :)
snagged buddy christ. am crediting. :)
Used your sword of truth colorbar. TY
Snagging a few clerk icons!
Nice! :)
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