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Minnie Mouse 100 Icon Challenge

Started: August 7, 2006
Finished: August 9, 2006
Community: disney100 disney100 disney100
Contains: 50 themed icons and 50 artist choiced icons of Minnie Mouse
Note: These are free to use, but remember that credit is necessary!

Icon Count: 100/100 Finished On: 8/9/06

100 Minnie Mouse Icons

1: Magic 2: Family 3: Rainbow 4: Dreams 5: Nightmare
6: Evil 7: Good 8: Shining 9: Time 10: Royalty
11: Hero 12: Love 13: Power 14: Hope 15: Light
16: Darkness 17: Loyalty 18: Music 19: Laughter 20: Pretend
21: Black/White 22: Flight 23: Friendship 24: Childhood 25: Memories
26: Carefree 27: Believe 28: Blossom 29: Sugar 30: Happy Endings
31: Neverending 32: Princess 33: Compassion 34: Savior 35: Trust
36: Sidekick 37: Seasons 38: Sadness 39: Blue 40: Celebration
41: Apathy 42: Animal 43: Fight 44: Lonliness 45: Demon
46: Naked 47: Lost 48: Deception 49: Longing 50: Heart

Artist's Choice

1 2 3 4 5
6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25
26 27 28 29 30
31 32 33 34 35
36 37 38 39 40
41 42 43 44 45
46 47 48 49 50

If you are interested in just Mickey icons, I have some located over here

Would you like to Friend my community?

Comment and Credit if you choose to take any :)

+ I Love Disney
+ Disney Friends
+ Google
+ Minnie Mouse Clipart Gallery
+ Disney "Forever Magic"

disney100 disney100 disney100
disney100 disney100 disney100
disney100 disney100 disney100

My nice little award:

thank you eowyn! It's gorgeous!
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Love #50. Will credit if used.

Give a look-see for Minnie shots.
But be sure to ask the various fans that run the site, I'm just middle man here. :D
thank you very much! :D
wonderful work dear :) can't wait to see the complete set :)
These are great! I love them! ^_^ Your banner is really pretty, and extra love to 12, 50, and 61. And the colors in all the RL pics (the character ones) are beautiful!
ty very much :D
took a couple, 11 and 50 and am very excited for more! finally someone does an original character!! i wish someone would do just mickey, i heart him.
oh yes, and will credit of course

Re: yay!!


10 years ago

Gah, I love your icons! Saving #17 from artist's choice. Will credit :)
Snagging number 19 on artist's choice. I would take more, but I'm afraid I wouldn't use them. Minnie isn't one of my favorites, but I absolutely love your icons.
thank you very much... which disney character is your favorite?... but Minnie is SO cute ;) hehehe
These are so awesome! I took a ton! Thank you!
wow!!! congrats on finnishing your icons~!!!! minnie mouse is oh so cute x3
Awe, so very adorable... I'm running off with #12 (Love) and #32 in Artist's Choice for potential future use. *^-^*
wow! you just claimed this subject! I'm thoroughly impressed :) don't forget to leave a comment on the completed challenge post to get a spiffy banner :)
yes, I have no life during the summer :D Thank you very much.
These are really lovely! Well-done!!!
AdoraBLE!!!!!! i took a whole bunch of um, cause lets face it, minnie's awesome ^^ i will definutly credit you when i use them!
aww, these are great! taking #3, 24, 41 & 42, and 5 & 14 from artist's choice.
thanks, will credit.
they are sooooooooooo cute. i took a HUGE bunch because they were all so good. I will credit if I use.
you are very welcome :)
They're pure classic, I adore them! :) Taking MANY for future use, if you don't mind. Let's see, that would be #11 (hero), #22 (flight) - my favourite, #49 (longing), #5 AC, #22 AC, #25 AC, #43 AC and #47 AC. THANK YOU :D
yay... I thought flight was nifty :D I can't believe I found those photos online! Thanks!


10 years ago

Absolutely love these! Will credit, thanks! :)
Snagged-First section: #11,12,43
-Second section: #11,13
totally took like everything! they're wonderful! :)

I'm taking flight, will credit of course! I'm also bookmarking to nom a few for wd_awards at the end of the week (I do my noms before I put up voting) :)
that would be awesome :D Thanks!
Hey, i'm going to take #30 to nominate over at wd_awards for the couples category this week. (Hopefully thats not one that squishysquidgy was going to grab.)
that would be amazing :D Thanks!


10 years ago

You need more praise, redheadwonder12, so I'm nominating two of your icons @ wd_awards. Hope you don't mind. Good luck :D
I don't mind at all... I'm very flattered. Thank you very much :D
really wonderful :)
These are beautiful! Snagged a couple will credit you of course :o)
These are great. I'm saving a few, will credit if used.
Love these too. Took quite many, will credit!
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