redheadwonder12 (redheadwonder12) wrote in ruby_icons,

2 Wallpapers

Wallpapers of:
+ Gilmore Girls
+ Nathan Fillion

Gilmore Girls:


Nathan Fillion:


+If you enjoy my wallpapers, cherck out my icons here

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Tags: wallpaper: firefly, wallpaper: gilmore girls
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i love the quote you put on the nathan fillion one. *LOL* THe gilmore girls one is also pretty.
I LOVE the Gilmore Girls wallpaper. I wish I could make something like that!
thank you very much :D

Deleted comment

Deleted comment

awww... thanks :) I will keep in mind for a wallpaper for Jayne next time :D
off subject but i have to ask where'd you get th pic of you're alexis ... icon the one you're using ?
I actually made it, but I haven't posted those icons up yet... lol.

Deleted comment

thanks for the complements, but I actually don't really know how to do LJ layouts *blush*
went through the last 40 or so of your posts, pulled out some icons (four, I believe). Will definately credit; do you want a comment posted on each of the entries?
I simply LOVE the Nathan Fillion wallpaper, so stealing :) I saw a colourbar of some of those photos at a friends page also done by you. Do you mind if I snag that and credit it in my LJ Userinfo?